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2009-05-31 00:38:34 by Linked

Haven't been doing much flash stuffs lately, as school's been keeping me busy.
Speaking of which, school's out on the 2nd, so i'll have much more time then.
Lastly, lately i've been getting free stuff. Click here to see what i mean /endshamelessplug


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2009-05-31 01:13:16

it's not a scam? :O

Linked responds:

no, it just takes a hell of a long time if you don't know what you're doing. Get roboform (google it) if you ever try to do something like this. Also, if you're trying to get a decent amount of cash, you might as well get a job. If you're not interested in getting a job, but you would like to buy various games and such, things like this are the way to go. But, like i said, it may take a while. i earned $40 from around a month of doing stuff, so it's not a good source of income.


2009-05-31 10:08:03

lol I did that and I got sent a brochure for a vacation in California.


2009-05-31 10:10:32

I still dont know how the hell to do it. Ill refer you too. BTW are there any good tutorials for prizerebel?


2009-05-31 10:38:00

signed up, read about it being not for people in Ireland and closed the tab.


2009-05-31 11:44:04

free stuff as in CDs, DVDs, DVD players/burners, cpu's, video games, posters, or what?


2009-05-31 15:40:45

grats, u just got some points for referral >.>


2009-05-31 21:52:26

btw, can u refer me? =1283951


2009-06-01 09:00:57

They sell your email addrress onto spammers.